Linjärt Ställdon LA30

Linjärt Ställdon LA30

LA30 är ett kraftfullt ställdon som är litet nog att passa för de flesta användningsområden. Ställdonet kan förses med tillval som inbyggd potentiometer för servodrift eller en extra kraftfull motor som ger ökad hastighet och styrka (S-motor). Förutom industriell automation och jordbruksmaskiner, är ställdonet också idealiskt för att rikta in parabolantenner.

  • Max. kraft: 6,000 N
  • Max. hastighet: 65 mm/s



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2D ritning

3D modeller finns i följande format:

user manual 

This User Manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics. We are sure that your LINAK system will give you many years of problem-free operation.



focus on industrial automation 

In this brochure we present various possibilities for placement of actuator systems that can boost productivity in Industrial automation.



focus on construction 

When it comes to performance in rugged and harsh environments, LINAK actuators withstand the conditions also on heavy duty construction machinery.



focus on marine 

Regardless of your boat type, LINAK can help you with all kinds of movements you desire through offering of actuators, columns and controls. 


Focus on mobile agriculture 

This focus folder tells about our solutions and benefits that LINAK has provided for more than 25 years to the Agriculture industry.



Focus on outdoor power equipment 

In this focus folder we target manufactures of powered lawn and garden maintenance products, components and attachment suppliers, as well as related services.



focus on vehicles and mobility

LINAK can provide a wide range of low voltage actuators for all kinds of movement in car fittings for disabled persons. Learn more about why LINAK is the perfect partner for this exact application in this brochure.


focus on wind turbines 

A world of movement and opportunities for wind turbines - LINAK delivers high quality actuator solutions for wind applications developed over 15 years in close cooporation with the wind industry.

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